Womsh Super White
Womsh Super White
Womsh Super White
Womsh Super White
Womsh Super White

Womsh Super White


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A sneaker with a vintage vibe reminiscent of the basketball apparel seen in the coolest metropolises, Super is the perfect choice for those who want comfort paired with an on-trend look featuring contrasting colours and materials. The perforated upper lets feet breathe while the hi-top design provides ideal ankle support.

- Upper in calfskin (Bos Taurus)
- Lining made of Wet White leather and recycled organic cotton (the recycled fibre content is 70%).
- Polyester laces.
- Removable insole in Lai Porellina, an innovative material in polyurethane and viscose which is comfortable and breathable.
- Recyclable TR rubber sole in compliance with the EU REACH regulation

- Packaging in recycled cardboard, made of recycled and recyclable cellulose processed with organic residues from corn.
- Made in Italy.

** For sneakers with coloured laces, a pair of white laces will always be included in the box.

Sustainable sneakers for a better world.

Dress authentic Italian fashion

Modanostra is a family of boutique Made in Italy fashion brands synonymous with elegance, trends, innovation and uncompromising quality.